In Shetland through the ages, livestock has evolved on a diminutive scale in proportion to the landscape. Similarly the type of dogs that herded the livestock also evolved as a diminutive working dog, and this became known as the Sheltie. The Sheltie was probably a generic collie, and it was almost certainly the local shepherd's dog.

There was no breed standard, the shepherd just needed a tough, courageous, intelligent little dog. An engraving of 1840 in Lerwick shows a Sheltie in the foreground. Then in Lerwick, 1908, the 'Shetland Collie Club' was formed in an attempt to preserve the breed. 

(Founded 1909)

Christmas time in 1914 the Kennel Club recognised the breed. The preferred breed name 'Shetland Collie' was refused, and the breed was named the 'Shetland Sheepdog'. Therefore the club represented by this website can be justifiably proud of being the originator of the Sheltie as a pedigree dog! 

The Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie is a particularly well proportioned and handsome dog.  The Sheltie is a dog of great intelligence and trainability.  It still has many of the characteristics of a working sheepdog, and makes a fine guard dog, for it is loyal and affectionate to its owners, but wary of strangers.

The club requested Kennel Club recognition in 1909, but this was refused;  later  the same year The Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club was formed.
As the Kennel Club refused to recognise the breed, the Scottish club produced its own stud book, effectively providing a standard for the breed. Eventually at

Latest Updates / News

***November Open Dog Show Schedule***

The Scottish Shetland Sheepdog club are pleased to announce the November Open show will be taking place this year.

To be held on Sunday the 7th of Novemeber 2021

Download schedule

Download Track and Trace form


Unfortunately due to restrictions the club sadly can not allow any spectators on this occasion to attend the show.

Also because of extra restriction from the alva Development trust, there will be no catering at the show and exhibitors are advised to bring their own refreshments for the day.

The Club AGM will be held after the completion of judging to fully paid up memebers of the club



The Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club are looking for sheltie models to submit their stunning photographs for inclusion for the 2022 calendar. Photographs are to be in a lanscape and jpeg format with no human models, as they will spoil the picture of te beautful sheltie

Please submit photographs to Norman Ritchie by the 30th of August 2021



**Memebership Subscription for 2021**

In view of the lack of events in 2020, the club committee are offering anyone who paid their subscriptions for 2020, will not need to pay subs for 2021.



**Notice from the President of The Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club**

In view of the ongoing pandemic and the current age group of the existing SSSC committee, we are appealing to members to take a more active role in the club.

Almost all the existing committee fall into the shielded or vulnerable categories.
The existing office bearers are willing to support any new committee members to provide an orderly transition.  
Please support your club or we risk its future being in doubt. 
Please contact myself or the secretary, to ensure the club's future.


Norman Ritchie

Contact President:- derena.ritchie@gmail.com

Sectretary:- h.moir@uwclub.net

***2021 SSSC Calendar is available***

Can we thank everyone for the photos submitted for the calendar and obviously we can only use a small selection of the ones submitted.

The calendar will be available from early November. However, as there is a shortage of shows where we would normally distribute the calendar, the arrangements for this year have had to change.

The calendar price is kept the same at £6.00. In addition, due to the number of wintry looking pictures we received, this is allowing us to do a new pack of 10 Christmas cards which are £4.00 per pack.

We have the postage costs for different combinations of calendars and Xmas cards. These are all second class, large letters, for UK. If you would like a cost for any other combinations please get in touch with Norman or Derena Ritchie. .
1 Calendar £1.40
2 Calendars £1.83
3 Calendars £1.83

1 Calendar & 1 pack Xmas Cards £1.83
2 Calendars & 1 pack of Xmas Cards £1.83
1 Calendar & 2 packs of Xmas Cards £1.83
2 Calendars & 2 packs of Xmas Cards £2.48
2 packs Xmas Cards £1.83
We need these to be pre-ordered. Postage to be charged separately which will be advised prior to sending your order.

Cheques should be made payable to SSSC and sent to Mrs Ritchie, Treasurer, SSSC, 5 Murieston Drive, Murieston, Livingston, EH54 9AU

or by BACS - Bank of Scotland, A/C 00821619 S/C 80 08 42.

Can you please submit your orders as soon as possible.
There is currently a lack of information regarding show dates. Consequently rather put in dates which may be changed, we are omitting dates for this year's calendar.


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